Sunday, September 19, 2010

Identity Crisis

"The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear"- U2

"Are You a Warrior?"  Says the t-shirt I received at the Warrior Dash today.  Appropriately, for about a week or so, I have been thinking about all of the "titles" I wear, and how they wear on me...

Are You a Reiki Master staying true to your spiritual journey?  Yes, and the journey is ongoing...

Are You a Spinning© Instructor? Yes.  It is my comfort zone. It is how my body loves to work.

Are You a Marathoner? Yes, will be again in 2 weeks.

Can You do Both of the above at the same time?  Ouch. Reality check.

Are You a Mother? Yes, forever. Especially when I am "recovering" from a 20-miler at the baseball/football fields, grocery store, cooking dinner, doing dishes and lugging loads of laundry up and down the stairs.

Are You a Girlfriend? Today, yes. 

Are You Insane for doing the Warrior Dash 2 weeks before your marathon?  Ah.  The die-hards out there will probably say, "yes" for risking a whole host of potential injuries.  But, the risk was worth the reward.  I scaled walls, submerged myself in waist-high frigid, muddy water, navigated slippery, rocky trails, dove head-first onto an adult slip-and-slide, leapt over fire and crawled through more cold, muddy water under barbed wire to finish with mud (even) in my teeth.  Not even a question: sooo worth it.

Are You an Ultrarunner? Not yet.

Can You Do it All? Um? In the moment, day-to-day...yes.  If I get snared in the above spiderweb of  If I think about it too much, that familiar feeling of being completely overwhelmed surfaces, and I want to hide. 

Are You Living? Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  I have spent too much time in my life watching other people "do," and wanting to take part.  I now flirt with the edges of my comfort zones and, as much as possible, take the challenges that push me beyond. 
Are You a Warrior? I think our individual definitions of this are so unique and personal to our experiences.  Today, I wear the shirt proudly.  

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AshleyR said...

Congrats on doing the warrior dash! I would love to do that one day.