Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PR of My Dreams

"Be careful what you wear to bed at night, 
you'll never know who you'll meet in your dreams." -Unknown

I set a half-marathon PR in a dream I had last night.  I often dream about teaching my Spinning classes, but rarely about running.  This one went like this:  I was running a half, but I had one of those training parachutes strapped to my waist, slowing me down. As it got windier, the red and white striped nylon was lifting into the air and up over my head, making it almost impossible to move forward.  I had the thought: "Okay, time to take this stupid thing off!"  So, I did.  I folded it up neatly and stopped at a nearby gas station, handing it to the clerk inside to hold on to for me so I could come back and get it when I was done.  I went back to my run, looked down at my feet, and I was doing it completely barefoot.  This did not surprise me.  I acknowledged that my feet were holding up fine and continued the race.  Almost immediately, two orange cones appeared to my right and a group of girls ran in between them to cheers and congrats.  Someone yelled, "Finish line!" and steered me to the cones.  I crossed through and immediately stopped, completely shocked.  "This CAN NOT be the finish line already,"  I stated adamantly. "There is no way I just ran a half." "Yes sweetie, this really is the finish," was the reply.  I just felt too good.  I looked at the timing clock and it read 1:49:18.  I acknowledged that, while it's a PR, this time was possible, and I actually had run the distance.  I thought, "Man, if it wasn't for the parachute and stopping at the gas station, imagine what my time would have been..."  

I won't bore you with my own self-analysis.  Let's just say I got the messages (loud and clear) intended for me in this one.  And, I'll take the feeling of that PR no matter how I got it!  Oh yeah, and, in the same night, that dream was followed up by another one in which I was hanging out with an anonymous ultrarunner, showing him the fish tattoo running down my leg that Scott Jurek (an uber-famous ultrarunner) had done on me "in his spare time."  This one just makes me laugh.

Happy Dreaming....hope all your PRs come true!

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