Sunday, October 17, 2010

Carl Hart Fall Duathlon

"Our human tendency is to notice and appreciate things only when we are at risk of losing them, or have already lost them. Think about it: Love. Health. Strength. Freedom of movement. Relationships. Job. Peace...Why do we do this?" -Kristin Armstrong

I love the blog that Kristin Armstrong writes for Runner's World.  As usual, her post this week really resonated with me.  While I think the above quote is a great reminder, it was the following one that kind of hooked into my brain and stayed there all week: "Today was one of those times where the sweetness of this statement overrides all else: 
 I run because I can."

I was looking at some race calendars on-line and saw this duathon listed, happening in 2 days, and I thought, "why not?"  I had done the spring version of it once before (my only other multisport race...that story here).  A younger version of myself would have conjured up a multitude of reasons not to go (all fear-based), but Kristin's statement kept playing over in my mind.  Why would I go do a duathlon when I have not been out on a road bike in a year and 1/2?  Why would I try to sprint 2 short runs broken up by a windy bike leg, when I am just coming off marathon training?  Why would I give up a Sunday Morning sleep-in?  Because I can.  Simple.  No other reason.  Because I have a healthy, fit, strong body.  Because I can.

It's the same reason why I drove an hour by myself, blasting P!nk (new and old) and Eminem (old) on repeat, marveling at the sunrise.  It's the same reason why I posted the second fastest female bike split (by 17 seconds), beat my PR by 3 minutes, won my age group and came in 4th female overall.  It's the same reason why I stayed for the awards, cheering for all the other age groupers, even the girl who passed me on the last run to take my overall podium spot (after all, she did yell, "GO GIRL" when I flew past her on the bike, and was also really cool when she caught me back on that run).   It's the same reason I love doing this stuff.  Because I can. And for this, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Oh, and, thanks so much the the guys at Port Washington Cyclery, who did a very last minute tune-up on my very neglected, dusty road bike.  It's too old and probably not the best fit for me anymore, but they helped make the ride as smooth and awesome as it could be...  


AshleyR said...

Awesome job! You are a great role model for all women. I love that your simple reason for doing something is because you can. I will remember that for the next time someone asks me why I run.

FeetontheRoad said...

Awesome, love the post, love the sentiment. Sometimes this is the best I can tell people that ask me why I do all these marathons, train for a half the year and still run when I'm not training for anything - because we can! Marveling in your bodies ability, pushing it and seeing what is possible connects you to the human experience. Keep it up!